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Wow, so an unexpected wave of new followers appeared because of that two lovable dorks of mine. But the credit goes to hereinlife13, not because of his post of compiled work of mine (without my permission - ahem), but for the simple act of crediting me, the creator/artist and a link to my blog. (because of you, i have new souls to consume to gain darker powers of heck!) 

I’m pretty much lenient to these things, but I encourage reblogs instead. Next time, please do ask my permission if you wanna take my work and repost with proper credits. 

But anyway… welcome, my new fans and followers! I’m feeling better from my cold and I appreciate all the messages and fan mails. I’ve replied to most of you personally (and I’m still doing so). 

Thank you, and enjoy your visit here.

p/s: Do watch out for the creepy comics if you intend to browse them at night. 


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